HVE ConneXions

SnapSAN Storage Appliance

The HVE-SnapSAN is a 24-bay cluster-in-a-box 4U SAN that provides high-availability in an active-active configuration supporting 12Gbs SAS. By running a hybrid of SSD and HDD, this appliance provides optimal speeds with great storage capacities.

The HVE-SnapSAN is a truly resilient, high-performance storage appliance. By leveraging features from HVE Open-E Jovian, the HVE-SnapSAN delivers LZ4 compression and deduplication providing additional expansion capabilities. This platform comes with two server boards (one per node), each supporting dual Intel Xeon processors. Both nodes process I/Os and provide simultaneous and balanced access to the logical devices which significantly increase overall cluster performance. When failover occurs, the secondary node automatically takes over the devices, client connections, and all processes/services of the servers. The HVE-SnapSan eliminates the SPOF’s (single points of failure).


  • High availability storage optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level storage applications
  • Fully redundant, fault-tolerant system supporting hot-swappable compute nodes and storage drives
  • Dual enclosure compute nodes running Active-Active for N+1 redundancy
  • 10GbE PCIe NTB or SAS links between nodes for communication failover
  • Preloaded with HVE Open-E Jovian software which provides fault-tolerance, LZ4 compression and deduplication features
  • Built in Broadcom SAS3x48R SAS/SATA expander per node
  • Intel Trusted Platform Module (TPM) header to support Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT)


High Availability Dual Controller Storage

SnapSAN 200
Model - HVE-SnapSAN-200 - 8U Chassis
CPU - Intel E5-2623 V4 per controller
RAM - 128GB RDIMM @ 2400MHz per controller
NIC - Quad 10GBaseT or SFP+ per controller
4-480GB SSD SAS drives
20-12TB 7.2K RPM SAS drives
Open-E Jovian DSS