HVE ConneXions

Network Storage

SAN and NAS storage devices are a great addition to a datacenter. They allow for easy expansion of shared storage, meaning you only have to buy the storage you need, as you need it. Shared storage is also beneficial when using virtual machines as it adds several useful capabilities including High Availability (HA). HA allows virtual machines to be restarted on another physical server in case of OS or server failure with minimal downtime.

There is however a problem that many organizations run into when looking to add shared storage. Storage is expensive. HVE ConneXions can help. Our storage solution is designed with virtualization in mind. Comprised of all SSD drives, you get speed with no moving parts, reducing possible points of failure. The best part of our storage solution is the price. At about 1/4 the cost of traditional storage solutions, the HVE Storage Appliance is a perfect way to make a cost-effective move into detached storage, or expand existing SAN or NAS capacity. Another way HVE saves you money is we offer our appliance with no built-in yearly maintenance agreement or forced renewals. In fact, we’re so confident in our product we include 5 years of warranty and support on every HVE storage appliance.