HVE ConneXions

Technology Partners

Dedication to manageable, scalable, reproducible and predictable (MSRP) architecture.

HVE ConneXions' philosophy is based on producing MSRP architectures. This approach is evident in the vendor selection and use of their hardware/software solutions that are best-of-breed in the virtualization arena. HVE's engineering team works with our partners to produce the most robust and high-performance solutions in the market without jeopardizing quality and overwhelming costs. In the long run, this proves to our customers that HVE is dedicated to provide proven virtualization solutions based on the high-level of demands on our vendors.

Strategic Partners


Open-E, Inc. is a pioneering leader and developer of IP-based storage management software with headquarters in the United States and Europe. Founded in 1998, the company sells its line of storage management software through a world-wide network of system integrator and reseller partners. The Open-E® JovianDSS and Open-E® DSS V7™ line of products enjoy a reputation for best-in-class performance, flexibility, reliability, scalability and return-on-investment.

Open-E storage management products are known throughout the storage industry for their robust architecture, ease-of-use and affordability. The products are also highly flexible, and have the ability to support a variety of protocols, such as iSCSI, Fibre Channel or Infiniband, in either file or block data transmission. www.open-e.com


Inuvika is a Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. Inuvika’s solution, OVD Enterprise, lets organizations deliver virtualized Linux and Windows applications and shared desktops to any device, without the cost and complexity of other solutions.

OVD delivers apps through private or public clouds, is easy to deploy, and can be managed from a single Web-based console. It works with today’s leading enterprise standards, including any hypervisor and directory service, and is compatible with HVE server virtualization platforms. www.inuvika.com/ovd


Selling HVE as an engineering solution

HVE ConneXions is very selective on choosing resellers that are dedicated to delivering high quality engineering solutions. Our resellers can help organizations develop and implement a virtualization strategy that maximizes the benefits of virtualization while minimizing business disruption. Through a comprehensive assessment of the data center environment, our reseller engineers can identify servers that are good candidates for consolidation and ensure that performance requirements and cost-containment goals are met.

HVE resellers can also deploy virtualization management solutions that enable workloads to be moved easily from one virtual workspace to another. In this environment, virtualization not only maximizes resource utilization but provides the flexibility and scalability to meet changing business demands. This process improves resiliency and enables cost-effective disaster recovery.