HVE ConneXions

About HVE ConneXions, LLC

HVE (Hybrid Virtualization Engine) ConneXions was created to combine proven virtualization solutions with state of the art, best of breed hardware to support next-generation Cloud requirements. Our engineering philosophy is dedicated to creating Manageable, Scalable, Reproducible, and Predictable (MSRP) solutions based on proven virtualization technologies running on high-performance next generation hardware. The result is an overall cost-effective and high-performance environment that scales to customers’ needs.

Our MSRP approach to engineering has no proprietary interfaces and provides scalable solutions that offers customers a wide range of open virtualization solutions that will exceed expectations. With the high demand for next-generation cloud solutions across all levels of corporations and academic institutions, HVE is perfectly suited to assist any organization. We take pride in providing solutions and engineering appliances that can handle all types of workloads including desktops, servers, databases, and operating systems. HVE solutions can scale from 10 to 10,000 instances with a very intriguing total cost of ownership. Our virtual desktop solution is based on VMware View software, and provides the lowest cost per desktop in the industry without jeopardizing quality, reliability, or performance. Our goal is to empower customers with state of the art cloud solutions that are cost-effective, meet performance objectives, and scale as their organization grows.


Mission Statement:

HVE ConneXions is dedicated to helping corporate, government, and educational institutions by delivering world class hardware and software integrated technology solutions and services while incorporating the values of passion, integrity, commitment, and loyalty.
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