HVE ConneXions

Why Choose HVE ConneXions?

  • HVE clients enjoy a wide-range of open virtualization solutions and high performance optimized hardware which deliver an exceptional end-user experience.
  • HVE's flexible and seamless, modular approach to data center scalability means that there is no need for costly upfront investments for unnecessary on-going operational expense in anticipation of future demand.
  • HVE's future ready networks are deployed with 10G and 40G standard server interfaces with IntelTM Broadwell processing technology, in addition to using the latest SDN next generation platforms.
  • With systems optimized to provide maximum performance and Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) management, our implementation and maintenance costs are much lower than traditional virtual environment deployments.
  • HVE clients spend more time focused on business and less time managing data.
  • Superior customer service and client-centered philosophy are delivered by professionals who understand your environment.
  • Each HVE appliance is sold with an Advanced Maintenance plan which includes 24x7 response/NBD hardware replacement.
  • Active monitoring included on all HVE installations.
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