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Fact vs. Fiction - Total Cost of Ownership for Desktop Virtualization

HVE Cost Comparison HVE Cost Comparison

Organizations today are still trying to get their hands around the real cost of Desktop Virtualization. Unless organizations are willing to commit to a 1000+ VDI, certain infrastructure costs just don’t add up in today’s standard virtualization infrastructure. If a customer wants to scale from 100 to 300 to 500, they must spend ~$1500 per desktop when all the components add up. The industry is changing and faster compute and storage is getting cheaper and more reliable. Figure 1 shows an example of the reality of traditional VDI in the Academic space.

This is where HVE solutions can bridge that gap. Traditional VDl solutions start at ~$1500.00/Desktop and scales down to at best ~$700/Desktop at 1500 instances then remains consistent due to infrastructure costs. HVE VDI solutions are less than 1/3 the cost of best-case traditional VDI and that is just the starting point. Our solutions also scale down in cost per desktop as more desktops are added.

As the diagrams to the left show, with traditional VDI deployments, performance and availability optimization must be balanced against cost optimization. HVE has already cost optimized our solutions so we can focus on performance and availability optimization. HVE-100 and HVE-200 Systems drive costs down for initial deployment and expansion initiatives and will meet the target objectives across the board for customer’s expectations.